Motogadget Mo.relay+ flasher relay motorcycle caferacer
Motogadget Mo.relay+ flasher relay motorcycle caferacer



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The sensible combination of load-independent, digital flasher relay and an electronic pushbutton control. This relay controls your indicators depending on how you push your turn signal button. 

Depending on the duration of operation of the respective turn signal button, 4 modes can be called up:

  1. Lane change: Tap button briefly - flash 3x, then automatic switch-off.
  2. Turning: briefly press the button - 10x flashing, then automatic shutdown.
  3. Continuous flashing: prolonged pressing of the pushbutton - switch off by pressing a pushbutton again.
  4. In addition, the mo.relay+ has a warning flashing function when both buttons are pressed simultaneously.

This product replaces OEM flasher relays in old BMW's