Motogadget Mo.stop brake light relay motorcycle caferacer
Motogadget Mo.stop brake light relay motorcycle caferacer



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Adjustable, digital brake light modulator to increase driving safety: Through different flashing modes, the standard brake light becomes a conspicuous warning light. Especially for custom bikes and conversions with very small or low-lying brake lights.

In some cases, the principle is already integrated in cars with upscale equipment ex works (adaptive brake lights). In other countries, such as the USA, it is also widely used on motorcycles. Unfortunately, it has not (yet) been approved in Germany. In case of an emergency, the mo.stop does not have to be removed. Simple reprogramming by dip switch is sufficient. The mo.stop can also be used as a flasher relay with automatic shutdown.

Safety aspect: flasher unit automatically switches off the flasher(s) after 20 seconds if set accordingly. No more accidental continuous flashing.